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Why We Struggle

I am a huge sports fan, especially of the New York Yankees. And yes, I do pray for them to win when they play. If you think thats silly, I think its silly when you pray to win the lottery…lol. Anyway, years ago when my daughter Lee-Ann was playing JV basketball at Ellison HS she came home one day with her ankle wrapped in an ACE bandage. We took the bandage off and saw how swollen and discolored it was so we rushed her to the doctor the next day. After some xrays the Dr. confirmed she had fractured her ankle. Ouch! Well after several weeks with the cast on and with the use of crutches she managed to get around. Soon the day came to take the cast off and before the Dr. removed it he said these words to me, “Mr. Guzman, once I take this cast off Lee-Ann is not going to want to put weight on it. She will say it feels funny but she has to walk on it.” Once the Dr. was done taking the cast off they wheeled her off to the parking lot and told her to get up and walk. I remember her reaching out for my arm to support herself and I walked away from her to the car and let her struggle in getting her ankle back in motion. Sounds mean? Well thats what I was told to do. She got better and eventually went back to playing basketball. You know God allows us to struggle because He knows whats best for us. Daniel in the lion’s den, Paul in chains, Jospeh in prison, and many others past and present have struggled. It’s a part of life and when God allows us to struggle He expects us to come out stronger and ready for battle. Don’t complain and ask God why you have to go through this or that. Ask Him, “God how can this struggle make me a better Christian, a better father, a better husband or wife?”

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